BB 10 Markets: Consumer, Enterprise, Government

The best operating system is useless if there are no markets in which sales are generated and money can be earned. During the keynote Thorsten Heinz has cleared up some misunderstandings: RIM has no intention of focusing only on the enterprise market. Both market segments are important: the Consumer and Enterprise Customers, and RIM will continue to operate both.

BlackBerry Balance

image ‘life and work balance’: from (click to see the source)

BlackBerry Balance allows the separation of BlackBerry smartphones and tablets in a professional and private part. BlackBerry Balance makes it easy to bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

Manage your mobile Devices (BlackBerry Fusion)

Blackberry Mobile Fusion provides a common device management for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. If you want to get more infos on BlackBerry Fusion: there’s a series of webinars.

Distribute APP’s easy (BlackBerry App World)

The BlackBerry Enterprise – App World supports the distribution of applications within companies.

Secure devices for Governments

Another special but important market: Governments. On the BlackBerry World conference there was a special Government Day for that audience. RIM provides a secure platform – per ex. currently the Playbook is the only certified Tablet for the U.S. government. BlackBerry 7 is certified for government departments in the UK, Australia, New Zealand.

Again: BB10 is more then a mobile OS – it’s a complete platform for all aspects of mobile life. This brings us to the next chapter:

BB10 Market: Automobile

Perhaps you don’t know, but QNX is already installed in many vehicles: In 2011 QNX controls more than 60% of infotainment – systems in vehicles (Audi MMI 3G, BMW Connected Drive, Chevy MyLink, Toyota Touch & Go …) and QNX is running in more than 40% of the USA delivered cars.

With BB10 it will be possible to build complex integrated systems:

  • processing vehicle data
  • GPS
  • location-based services
  • services from the Internet
  • managing Kid’s Playbooks on the rear seats
  • …and much more.

At the BlackBerry World, a BB10 – connected Porsche was shown

click to see a short video

and there’s also a QNX-powered Jeep Wrangler.

click to see a short video

Infos about QNX and automobile available at QNX Auto Blog.

In the next years much innovation will happen in the automotive market and there’s the need for many interesting applications:

  • Social networks designed specifically for cars
  • Import Apps from your smartphones into the vehicle
  • Apps controlling features of the car, running on smartphones and tablets
  • Hybrid – Apps sharing content between the vehicle system and Smartphones
  • Cloud-Based Services

BB10 is also a great opportunity for developers in the automotive market ! Blackberry 10 provides a secure QNX kernel (who wants to have his car checked by hackers), while it’s open to all kinds of enhancements that increase comfort or improve navigation or or or….

BB10 and QNX are clearly aimed at this market and the existing concept – Cars and Innovation Awards are first kind of proof.

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