BB10Jam World Tour in Berlin and around the world

Curious ? Want to get more infos and hands-on with BlackBerry 10 ?

BB10Jam World Tour

BlackBerry started the BB10Jam World Tour to give developers a chance to get in contact and to receive a DevAlpha Device.

  • 3 Months
  • 4 Continents
  • 23 Cities
  • 5000 developers
  • 5000 DevAlpha devices

The events in Berlin, Paris, London, Jakarta, Barcelona, Toronto, New York, Santa Clara, Bangalore were booked out weeks before the start. Per ex. Berlin was booked out in 12 days and 5 weeks before the event happened. Does this mean, developers are no longer interested into BlackBerry ?

MobileTechCon (MTC) in Frankfurt, 3. – 5. September 2012

If you’re from Germany and couldn’t make it to Berlin: the next Mobile Technology Conference (MTC) in Frankfurt will be your chance.

At the MTC there will be a RIM booth, as well as keynote, sessions, and a Blackberry Night.

I’ll be there and talk about my experiences HowTo make the transition from Java to Cascades.

You not only learn about BB10, but have the chance to get a PlayBook for free – PlayBook will also get BB10 Update !

MobileDeveloperConference (MDC) in Stuttgart, 22.-23. October 2012

At the MDC in Stuttgart I’ll present a “Night Coding Session with Cascades”.

You’ll see live how easy it is to hack some code using Eclipse IDE with Cascades and have it run in SImulator and on BlackBerry Dev Alpha device.

If there’s enough time I’ll also demo the workflow from Designer (Photoshop) to Developer.

More BB10 Tour Locations

And it continues:

  • BBDevCon 2012 in San Jose, USA
  • BBDevCon Europe in Amsterdam
  • BlackBerry Innovation Forums round the world
  • BlackBerry World, May 2013, Orlando

All tour dates can be looked up here.

Apps, Apps, Apps

image: from (click to see the source)

This is the most important: if RIM wants to succeed with BB10 there must be a significant amount of Apps available for BB10.

RIM needs to motivate developers to spend time on this platform. That’s the main reason for all the events around the world. Not an easy job with all media campaigns against RIM.

RIM is also working with major Software Vendors and cooperates in the enterprise market with SAP, Citrix … who presented solutions for BB10 already at Orlando.

Security is important for Apps: all Apps have to be signed before submitting to the AppWorld.

Quality is important, too:
RIM will start a Quality program, where developers can get a Quality Certificate for their application – then customers can be sure that this application is safe, doesn’t drain the battery etc.

10,000 $ guarantee from AppWorld !

Developers also like to make money with their APP’S 😉

Alec Saunders announced at BB10Jam in Orlando:

Every developer submitting a certified BB10 App to AppWorld and getting 1,000 $ from sales, but less then 10,000 in the first 12 months, then RIM will give you the difference !

Getting a check from RIM to guarantee $ 10,000:

image ‘writing checks’: from (click to see the source)

For me this sounds to be another good motivation to start development for BB10.

Lowering the barriers

Starting with development for BB10 should be easy. RIM has learned from the mistakes they made in the past and now it’s easy to find the documentation, download SDK’s, download Simulator, download Samples, get Videos, get access to the Issue Tracker or learn HowTo start with Cascades, …

There are no costs – all is free – even the Signature Keys.

All access restrictions were cut – so you don’t have to walk through complicated registration – processes.

Thanks to Alec Saunders: this makes developing for BlackBerry much more fun then before.

You can now install SDK’s and Simulators for BB10 on OSX, Windows or Linux – the old Java Development only worked on Windows, which means for me on OSX to use Parallels for BlackBerry development.

I don’t know if all of this will help to get enough Apps ready before launch – we’ll see.

RIM and Open Source !

RIM and Open Source? Some time ago it was unthinkable to put these two words in a constructive context. This has changed fundamentally: a short look at github here and here shows that there are more than 50 open source projects:

  • Samples – HTML5, NDK, Cascades, PictureWall, jQuery …
  • HTML5 – WebWorks, Alice, bbUI.js …
  • Native – Cascades, GamePlay, Scoreloop …
  • Tools – Ripple …
  • Ports – Cocos2d-x, SDL, Zxing, CppUnit …
  • Showcases – Quake3, DosBox …

RIM is also working actively in other Open Source Communities:

  • WebKit
  • Qt
  • Apache Cordova

Responsible for open source at RIM is Eduardo Pelegri (formerly known from Sun, Oracle). OpenBBNews reports regularly on progress. Currently, a community wiki is set up at github.

For me – coming from Eclipse and Open Source this is great to see how Open Source is becoming a Pole Position at RIM.

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