Mission RIM Possible ?

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With all my enthusiasm about BB10 and Cascades of course I know that it’s a big challenge for RIM to survive. Sales is going down, shares are going down, Analysts are writing negative articles, …

Analysts always compare RIM with Nokia or WebOS. From my POV this couldn’t be compared, because the situation is totally different:

  • BlackBerry isn’t only an OS like WebOS – it’s a platform.
  • RIM isn’t running out of money:
  • RIM has no debt
    • more then 2 billion $ cash on the bank
    • $710 million positive operating cash-flow last quarter

All financial analysis are reflecting the past of RIM with all the mistakes and not the future of RIM.

So many things happened in the last months: It’s unbelievable what Alec Saunders has achieved in his short time as Vice President “Developer Relations” and also Thorsten Heins says “The RIM from today isn’t the same company as 6 months before as he becomes CEO”. I can confirm this from my experiences, too. I’m in contact to many employees of RIM and they all are enthusiastic and working on the BB10 vision of the future. Sometimes I’m remembered old days where I was invited by Apple (was my first international flight) to meet Steve Jobs. I got this invitation, because I was one of the 10 best Apple /// Dealer / Developer in Germany. Apple ][ and Apple /// was the past of Apple where two teams are working on the future: the LISA – Team and the Macintosh Team with Steve Jobs. There I also got the same feeling of enthusiasm. Maybe this is a good sign ?

My personal subjective conclusion:

RIM is still there, alive and at launch of BlackBerry 10 it will become visible how “different” BB10 is and then the stories will be rewritten.

Let yourselves therefore not be confused by a constricted view of stock prices and financial analysts. Be aware, that the results of the next quarters won’t be better and you’ll read again stories that RIM is at the end. (Thorsten Heins has already announced that there will come a few bad quarterly figures).

Will BB10 Empower People like never before (Heins) ?

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Thorsten Heins wrote in a blog, that “BlackBerry 10 will empower people like never before”.

Will this become true ? Next months will be exciting for the mobile world. I for me don’t know what will happen with Windows 8 and Surface, iOS 6 and Android 4.1, Google Nexus 7 vs PlayBook, iPhone 5 vs BB10 SmartPhone, … BB10 has the power, there’s a vision employees at RIM are working on and there are many developers worldwide believing into the platform, but it’s a great challenge…

Hopefully, this article could help you to get another look at RIM and BlackBerry 10 and to understand why I – as a small Independent Software Architect – am spending so much time into this new platform and into a company, which has frequently been declared dead.

Anyone who is still skeptical about this: next time to meet and discuss with me is at MobileTechCon (MTC) in Frankfurt.

My three wishes to RIM

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let’s end this long article with my three wishes to RIM:

  1. Please provide every 4 – 6 weeks new Beta SDK’s to developers. It’s important for all of us to see the progress continously. SOLVED (see below Beta2)
  2. Please give us early access to Simulators for all planned BB10 Devices – not only Touch Smartphone but also BB10 Keyboard Smartphone and BB10 PlayBook. We developers need Simulators to verify early that our BB10 Apps are working well and looking nice on all sizes and density. Only this will guarantee a great launch and positive reviews.
  3. Please launch BB10 Smartphones + BB10 PlayBook together atBB10 Launch. To compete with iPhone + iPad, Android Phones + Tablets, Windows 8 Phones + Surface all three BB10 Devices (Touch, Keyboard, Tablet) must be there from the beginning. This will avoid complaining that PlayBook is still running old OS and questions how this will work together.

Update: Beta 2 of BB10 SDK was just published by RIM. Also – and this kind of transparency is new for RIM – the Release Plan was also published:

  • R6 (Beta 2) just launched
  • R8 API Freeze, Binary compatible with Gold –> September 2012
  • R9 Bug Fixes –> October 2012
  • R10 Bug Fixes Gold SDK Release –> November 2012

read more here

The delay is now RIM’s chance for a perfect start into a new mobile platform ! (Latest news are reporting that the Touch and Keyboard Smartphones will be announced and marketed together – hopefully they can add the PlayBook, too.)

The race is open:

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Good Luck, RIM.

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