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In May 2012 first time ever I attended a BlackBerry conference in Orlando. BlackBerry World usually takes place there every year, but for me as a developer I wasn’t particularly interested before. Last two years I have attended the BlackBerry Developer Conferences – most recently the BBDevCon Europe in Amsterdam and the BBDevCon America in San Francisco.

This year, however, the BB10Jam Conference was very short-term announced in parallel to the BlackBerry World as a developers’ conference, which revolved entirely around the new BlackBerry OS BlackBerry 10 (BB10). I could not resist and had to go. In retrospect, I must say, I would have really missed something.

In recent weeks I’ve handled my impressions, did some testing and would like to share my results here now. BB10 can not be considered alone, so I embed the whole into a very personal analysis of why it may be worthwhile in spite of negative press, to look outside the box and develop for Blackberry 10.

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This article provides both detailed insights down to code level, as well as overviews from bird’s-eye view to make it possible for me to consider the difficult topic of “Developing for BlackBerry” in the whole range.

Ekkehard Gentz

(Reminder: english isn’t my native language – so please excuse any errors or using wrong words)

Update: just as my post was ready to be published, Beta 2 of BB10 NDK and Cascades becomes available. I’ve added some useful information from this SDK Update.

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  1. Intro
  2. Death Spiral’. Why developing BB, Who on Earth…
  3. How it all began, Farewell Java ME, the ‘old’ RIM vs. ‘not your fathers’ RIM, I’m independent
  4. BB10 is a Platform, Cascades more then a UI Framework
  5. Thorsten Heins: the hard Way to BB10, BlackBerry 7 is alive
  6. Alec + Chris rockin’ …, BB10Jam Conference, Creating intelligent Apps
  7. Connected Apps with Cascades, Anatomy of a BB10 App
  8. Native Camera API, NFC Apps
  9. Location-Based-Services
  10. Flow + Invokation Framework
  11. Party, SDK, AlphaDevice, Keyboard, Magic Moments
  12. Markets: Consumer, Enterprise, Government, Automobile
  13. BB10 around the World, Apps Apps Apps…, Open Source
  14. Mission RIM possible ?, Empower People like never before ?, Three Wishes

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