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Keep Moving: the switch from i to Z

Posted on February 13, 2013

I decided to switch from my iPhone to a BlackBerry Z10. (Curious about the red device ? it’s a →Limited Edition for Developers) You can read about my reasons → here in my ekkes-corner blog. Over the next weeks and months I will report about my experiences. This will cover all aspects from the use of the Z10 as a consumer – device, a business – device, as a developer of mobile apps, how to stay in-sync with my data on OSX and my family and how to find the right apps. stay tuned… I will tweet about this – so the easiest way is to follow me on twitter @ekkescorner. Synchronizing eMail, Calendars, Contacts, Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, … On my iPhone I…

RIM Reloaded: BlackBerry 10 Jam

Posted on July 18, 2012

RIM Reloaded In May 2012 first time ever I attended a BlackBerry conference in Orlando. BlackBerry World usually takes place there every year, but for me as a developer I wasn’t particularly interested before. Last two years I have attended the BlackBerry Developer Conferences – most recently the BBDevCon Europe in Amsterdam and the BBDevCon America in San Francisco. This year, however, the BB10Jam Conference was very short-term announced in parallel to the BlackBerry World as a developers’ conference, which revolved entirely around the new BlackBerry OS BlackBerry 10 (BB10). I could not resist and had to go. In retrospect, I must say, I would have really missed something. In recent weeks I’ve handled my impressions, did some testing and would like to share…