Adding new Accounts

One of the first things I tried on my BlackBerry Z10 was to sync my Accounts.

This was easier done as expected.

I did this before the official launch in germany and it worked with my german Mail Providers.

Go to Settings | Accounts | Add a new Account:


Tap on Email, Calendar and Contacts

and enter the email address of your account:


That’s it in most cases 🙂 After some seconds BlackBerry 10 will display all settings from your provider by magic.

If it doesn’t work in one step – no problem. You can Tap on Advanced:


Now you can select from some predefined providers:


If you find your provider (per ex. Yahoo!) then select your provider, add email and password and you’re done.

If you don’t find your provider you can select IMAP or POP and enter the values you’ll get from your provider.

If you scroll to the bottom of your email account, there’s an option where you can decide which folders should be synchronized – a cool feature:


You can also use CalDAV (for Calendars) or CardDAV (for Contacts) using the credentials you’ll get from your provider.

Synchronizing with iCloud

I’m a small – business OSX user and all my development was done on MacBookPro, there are also iPhone and iPad in my family and I’m using not only Contacts but also some Calendars on OSX / iOS. Was not easy to find out, but synchronizing my Z10 with Apple’s iCloud works.

Synchronizing email with iCloud:

Use IMAP and enter your AppleID as User and email-address, add your password and you’re done !


Synchronizing Calendars with iCloud

Select CalDAV, enter your Apple ID as Username and email Address, the magic Server Address is:


All my calendars from my iCloud are now synchronized with BlackBerry Z10. Each Calendar gots a different color.

Synchronizing Contacts with iCloud

This is as easy configured as the Calendars: Use CardDAV and same AppleID for Username and email address.

The Server Address in this case is:


Synchronizing Evernote

Evernote is built-in into BlackBerry 10 🙂 I really like Evernote, because it’s working great in OSX and now it’s also integrated into BlackBerry 10. There’s a special APP: Remember, where you store text, bookmarks, tweets and more to be remembered later. If you add your Evernot Account, then Evernote is automatically included into Remember: all your Notes are automagically synchronized. It was never easier then now with BlackBerry 10 to fill the Gap between mobiles and desktop. So many times I’m on the road and reading something on my mobile and later on forgot – now I put it into Remember and later from my Desktop I got it from Evernote.

Adding the Evernote Contact is easy – just enter your Credentials and you’re done:


LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook are also integrated and Foursquare is pre-installed.

Iit’s also as easy as to enter your credentials to be connected, here as an example LinkedIn:


BBM BlackBerry Messenger

I not only put all my stuff from iPhone to Z10, but also from BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Most important: my BBM Contacts and Groups. All was done automatically using my BlackBerry ID and I can continue to use BBM:


All Accounts on Z10

Here’s a list of my accounts from different providers. All are added without any problems to my Z10:

accounts-01 accounts-02

I will blog later about my experiences using the PIM applications from BlackBerry 10 on Z10.

You can access all your messages from different accounts inside the HUB – but that’s another story to tell….

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